What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying; also known as lyophilization. Is a process in which water in the form of ice under low pressure is removed from the material by sublimation. Sublimation is a process that allows the ice to change directly from a solid form (ice) to a vapor without passing through the liquid phase.

There are three stages to Freeze Drying:

PRE-FREEZING: The most crucial phase is the pre-freezing. You must have completely frozen the material before freeze drying it. The material will not achieve the same preservation properties as with sublimation if it is not frozen solidly; instead, evaporation will take place. 

PRIMARY DRYING: The process of freeze drying begins with primary drying, the initial drying session. Here is where the pressure starts, allowing heat energy to speed up the process. About 93% of the water will have evaporated by the end of this process.

SECONDARY DRYING: The final stage involves the release of water molecules that have been bound to the substance. In order to release the excess moisture, more heat is added. Leaving behind residual moisture that is 2% lower. Usually, this stage is completed for long-term preservation.

Required Equipment:

The Parker Freeze Dryer Systems include everything you need to freeze dry your items.  Parker uses the Magna Condenser from Heatcraft; custom designed and built for Parker Freeze Dry.  We also use a Leybold Dry Screw vacuum pump and boosters to achieve a deep vacuum throughout the process. 

The Summit freeze dryer is fully inclusive, and the vacuum and condenser built right in, for a turnkey freeze-drying experience. 

Pet food, health products, baby foods, breast milks, cow milks, meats, full meals, deserts, freeze dried candy, freeze dried dog food, instant coffee, fruits and vegetables are all examples of where freeze drying is used. The options are limitless. Whether you are preparing for personal use or intend to start a business focused on sustainability. There are numerous advantages to freeze drying.

What are some other freeze dry industries that are less popular, or a little more controversial? Things like freeze dried plasma, freeze drying and taxidermy, and vaccines and medicines. No matter what you are freeze drying, we have the machine for you.

Some of those advantages being:

  • Longer shelf life
  • The product is left lightweight. (Impacts shipping costs)
  • Nutritional value is almost completely maintained. 
  • Little to no change chemically. 
  • No refrigeration required for storage.
  • Easy for on the go.
  • Food quality. 
  • Less food wasted.

Whether you are just starting your freeze dry business or are ready to take the next step from your tabletop business into a larger scale of freeze drying, Parker Freeze Dry offers guidance on what machine would be best for your adventure. 

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