Freeze Drying Pet Food

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Freeze Drying pet food is on the rise, creating a healthier alternative to regular kibble without the need for refrigeration and cold storage transportation. Being able to add the BEST nutrients to our beloved dog's food creates a better life for our furry friends. This is why we stand behind freeze dried pet foods!

The demand for freeze dried pet food has been growing substantially, with a projected gross of 525M by 2025! Pet food companies across the world are joining the freeze-dried industry and with good reason. Creating a product that is nutritious and delicious without jeopardizing the integrity of the product for long term sustainability. 

Freeze drying removes most of the moisture in a product! Since it leaves the structure of the product intact, pet foods can start utilizing raw foods, which for a dog, is arguably the most beneficial type of food for a dog's wellbeing. Not only are you keeping the ingredients to their best bioavailability, but you are also creating a shelf stable product that can sit on a shelf without degrading under the right circumstances. 

The biggest difference between dehydrated pet food vs freeze dried is that freeze drying remains raw. Because traditional dehydration uses heat, the food is technically being cooked which depletes the nutritional values within the animal products. No matter what some companies state, an animal product that has been dried with "low heat" is still in fact cooked. You can slowly roast any meat and it's still considered cooked. Much like smoked meat, that is low and slow, is still considered cooked.

Freeze drying pet food is obviously a better choice, for many reasons. But where would it be lacking? The truth is, it's not foolproof. There is one nutrient that gets destroyed in the freeze-drying process, vitamin C. Vitamin C, although an important component to any animal, or human. Vitamin C can be supplemented afterwards, and to be truthful the amount of vitamin C you would get from a piece of chicken, isn't going to make or break a dog's recommended daily values if they are eating a well-balanced diet. Dogs don't typically JUST need meat, so adding fresh fruit, vegetables and starches to their diet or adding in supplemental items to the dried meat, would be sufficient. 

So, where is the downfall? We want to be completely honest. Freeze dried food in general is more expensive, due to the process. But, if you are already feeding your dog, cat, or lion a raw diet this may be a waste solution for you and your pet and may save you money in the long run. Eliminating the possibility of wasted food is always a better budget choice. It's also MUCH easier to store. No more freezer space needed, waiting for things to thaw, or for that smell. Freeze dried is an obvious choice for the pet lover who wants to keep their pet on the best possible diet, without the downsides to fresh raw choices.

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