Freeze Dried BUGS and Petfood?

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Insects play a crucial role in the diet of many mammals, providing essential nutrients and energy for their survival. From small rodents to large predators, insects are a valuable source of protein and other vital nutrients. Some mammals have even evolved specialized adaptations to hunt or gather insects more efficiently. This intricate relationship between insects and mammals highlights the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the diverse ways in which different species rely on one another for sustenance.

What makes bugs stand out in pet food and how are they incorporated in freeze drying?

Insects are a surprisingly nutrient-dense food for pets. Once freeze-dried, they become a flaky substance that can be ground into a durable powder. Explore the diverse benefits that insect protein and nutrients offer to your pet's health.

1. Gut Health

Insects contain chitin, a fiber that can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in a dog's gut, serving as a prebiotic. Additionally, it aids in limiting the development of Clostridium perfringens, a common cause of severe diarrhea in dogs.

2. Immune response

Black soldier fly larvae, often found in manure and on rotting corpses, have a robust immune system and provide rich antimicrobial peptides. These peptides enhance immunity and are heat resistant, making them suitable for incorporation into food without losing their properties.

3. Arthritis and joint health

Insects naturally contain glucosamine, which also aids in providing hydrogen atoms to unstable molecules, benefiting red blood cells.

4. Allergy relief

Insects are considered a novel protein source for dogs and cats, potentially suitable for pets with food allergies as they may not have been previously exposed to insect-based ingredients.

5. Breath, teeth and gums

Bugs with medium-chain fatty acids inhibit oral bacteria causing plaque. Larvae are high in calcium for strong teeth. Insect protein improves oral bacteria balance and breath odor in dogs.

6. Brain health

Lauric acid in insect protein benefits older dogs' brains by enhancing cognitive function and providing energy in the form of ketones.

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