Parker 16R

As our largest unit, the Parker 16-R is equipped to handle a 4000-pound wet volume with a cart capacity of 16. It’s made to handle high demand with a low level of maintenance and repair to keep your operation efficient. 






  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Aluminum carts for maximum heat exchange efficiency
  • Deep vacuum system with less frequent maintenance and repairs
  • Industry grade condenser unit designed specifically for PFD
  • High ratio of cold plate surface to capacity for quality freeze drying
  • Remote access for monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Service & wear items in stock via exclusive e-commerce store
  • Provided with comprehensive guide for maintenance intervals
  • Exclusive access to Parker University for continuing education
  • Guidance on daily, weekly, monthly, semi and annual inspections
Product Specification




Cart Capacity 16 16
Chamber Dimension (Door Open) 292L x 125W x 101H Inches 742L x 318W x 257H cm
Refrigeration Skid Heatcraft Magna Heatcraft Magna
Refrigeration Dimensions 230L x 88W x 60H Inches 585L x 224W x 153H cm
Pan Dimensions 26L x 18W x 1H Inches 67L x 46W x 3H cm
Maximum Heated Product Pans 672 672
Usable Shelf Area 2184 Sq Ft 202.9 Sq m
Shelf Temp Range -50 to 180 F -45 to 82 C
Maximum Vacuum ≤ 0.01 mbar ≤ 0.01 mbar
Median Weight Capacity 4000 lbs 1184 kg
Ice Condenser Capacity 9596 lbs 4352 kg
Chamber Standard Operating (dB) >=85 85
Condenser Operating (dB) >=85 85
Power Requirements 480V 3 Phase 480V 3 Phase
Suction Temp -60 F -51 C
Typical Max Power Usage 325 FLA 325 FLA
PLC Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10


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