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Take Your Business to the Summit

The Summit series is for those looking to take freeze-drying to the next level. This commercial system offers a capacity of up to 97.5 lbs of wet weight with a maximum of 15 individually heated trays. With unwavering efficiency, reliability and ease of operation, you can dedicate your time to what’s really important – your product.


Limitless Potential

Freeze-drying can reduce food waste, aid in the creation of pharmaceuticals, increase the shelf life of products and reduce your overall carbon footprint while slashing logistics and storage costs. New uses for freeze-drying evolve every day. The Summit freeze dryer can have an immediate impact on your efficiency and throughout in these industries:

  • Dairy Industry
  • Food Preparation
  • Pet Food
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cannabis
  • Research
  • Floral

  • What are people saying?

    “The Summit itself has been a dream to work with, especially compared to our previous setup. The entire unit is built like a tank. Being able to see in detail how my changes are actually impacting the process of a batch is invaluable. I can't say enough how supportive the team has been throughout the entire process. Any time I have reached out, even for small stuff, it's evident how much the Parker team cares about taking care of their customers and machines."
    - Hannah Q, Pet Food Industry


    The Summit utilizes our proprietary commercial-grade operating software – the same software used in our full-size Parker line. This provides recipe profile flexibility and exceptional feedback throughout the process, allowing you to unlock maximum quality, potential, and efficiency. Explore the image below to learn more about the Summit Commercial Freeze Dryer or download the guide.


    • Stainless steel vacuum chamber
    • Easy to operate controls
    • Aluminum carts for maximum heat exchange efficiency
    • Deep vacuum system with less frequent maintenance and repairs
    • Industry grade condenser unit designed specifically for Parker Freeze Dry
    • High ratio of cold plate surface to capacity for quality freeze drying

    Preventative Maintenance & Service

    • Clean debris from cooling oils every quarter
    • Change oil in the pumps and boosters bi-annually
    • Tighten all refrigerant connections monthly
    • Tighten all fasteners bi-annually
    • Follow all guidelines provided at the time of startup

    More Product. More Profit.

    Enter some business metrics to find out the Parker Freeze Dry unit that suits your needs, and your estimated gross margin per pound.

    Here For You

    We have a dedicated team of freeze dry experts ready to help you succeed. When you request a consultation, you are guaranteed to find the best solution for your operation.

    Parker University

    Exclusive content is available for operators covering maintenance, cleaning, continuing education, parts and service. Subscribe and save with automated shipping of required maintenance items at recommended intervals.

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