Taxidermy and Freeze Drying.

Freeze Drying; the act of removing moisture from an item or items. Most people think candy, foods, edible products, vaccines, medical needs etc. But freeze drying doesn't stop there. Freeze drying can be used in many ways, one of the most controversial ways being taxidermy. Whether you are trying to preserve an award-winning hunt or trying to save a beloved pet. Freeze drying can be the solution to long term preservation.

Freeze drying for traditional trophy hunting is pretty common, many hunters will mount their best buck, a beautiful pheasant or their first squirrel as a memory that lasts forever. But what about freeze drying a loved pet? Freeze drying a pet can be a very personal experience, and offering a lifelike solution for a grieving owner is why freeze drying has become more popular in taxidermy. 

In contrast to traditional taxidermy, which involves removing, treating, and chemically preparing an animal's skin before reattaching it to a polystyrene form, whereas freeze-drying the animal preserves it entirely. This results in minimal shrinkage and no damage to the original structure, giving the beloved pet a lifelike and authentic appearance. Additionally, the animal's natural skin colors are less likely to be impacted by the freeze-drying process. Many traditionally preserved animals have glossy eyes and stiff unnatural positions. Freeze drying eliminated this problem, maintaining the beauty of the animal and it's features and characteristics that the owners loved so much. 

There are many reasons a pet owner would want to maintain a pet for years to come, and to some this may seem unsettling. Some pet owners prefer this because there is no cutting into the animal, they are simply laid to rest and stay that way forever.  Regardless the reason, taxidermy is a mainstay in animal preservation and freeze drying is one of the best ways to do this.

In fact, freeze drying taxidermy has become more recommended as a solution due to its ability to prevent bacteria and other potential issues along the way.  

If you are considering freeze drying for your taxidermy career, we highly recommend you consider using our Summit freeze dryer. A turnkey machine with maximum vacuum capabilities and technology that is unmatched. Leaving an end product for your customer that is exactly what they wanted. 

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