Freeze Dried Powders?

Freeze Dried Powder is at an all-time high.

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Freeze drying isn't just for fruits, pet food, and treats. Powders used to make supplements, greens, health foods, and other products are a thriving business that is propelling the freeze-dried industry to new heights.

Freeze dried powders are expected to reach an all-time high of 27.71 billion in 2023, according to Yahoo Finance. With a 7.2% CAGR projected through 2033. That equates to a value of 55.53 billion by the end of 2033. There will be 17.88 billion in the United States alone.

Freeze dried powder is a natural product that does not contain any sugars, preservatives, or GMOs. People are quickly realizing that there is a way to maintain the benefits of organic produce while reducing waste. Offering freeze dried powders is a simple way to add flavor to ice cream, shakes, yogurt, juice, and other products. This is also key to future food sustainability, food storage and preparation. 

We all have good intentions when we buy strawberries, apples, and bananas for the kids and ourselves, but by day three, the product has started to mold and rot. Freeze drying eliminates this issue, allowing you to reap all the nutritional benefits of those products without the waste.

Now is the time to bring your freeze-dried product idea to the market. With the market thriving and expanding, the opportunities are limitless.

By using freeze drying, it is now easier than ever to maintain product standards. There will be no more moldy, discarded components. Purchase when the product is on sale, freeze dry, and rehydrate when ready to use.

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