Wasted Food- The Solution

The Problem:

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) nearly one third of the food produced around the world is wasted. The average household throws out $1600 per year, just in produce. Then add in your grocery stores, diners, farms and manufacturers that equates to nearly 931 million tons per year. What causes food waste? Life cycle of foods, worker shortages, transportation shortages, refrigeration challenges.

The solution: Untitled design (7)

Freeze Drying Food

  • Creates a light, stable product with long shelf life.
  • Physical structure of product remains unchanged.
  • Refrigeration and preservatives are unnecessary.
  • Volume remains without changes to pliability.
  • Fast preparation reconstituting with water.
  • Long-lasting preservation and spoilage protection.

Therefore, there may be substantial environmental, social, and economic advantages to reducing food waste at all levels, including consumer and domestic levels.

Untitled design (6)Freeze Drying foods could decrease problems worldwide including hunger in low poverty areas without refrigeration solutions, in extreme cold temperature areas, reduce emissions and decrease waste in general.



About Parker Freeze Dry: 

Parker Freeze Dry is a manufacturer of Freeze Dryers. Our mission is to spread the word about freeze drying and provide opportunities and resources for people to preserve their products- for better sustainability.

Our commercial freeze dryers are perfect for processing batches for many industries including, but not limited to pharmaceuticals, pet food, CBD/hemp/cannabis, cosmetics, food processing and more. With our innovative equipment design and dedicated service, you can rely on Parker Freeze Dry to help take your freeze-drying operation to the next level.

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