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A Longer Shelf Life. A Shorter Path to Success.

Freeze drying prolongs the shelf life of nutraceuticals products, from vitamins and greens to supplements. And by leveling up to the Summit® unit, you can extend the impact, growth and profitability of your business.The Summit® freeze dryer is made for operators looking to level up and increase efficiency. With a 97.5 lb. capacity and 15 individual trays, the Summit® can replace several tabletop units to streamline your operations, cut back on maintenance and repairs, and scale your growth.

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Solutions for Nutraceuticals, Vitamins & Supplements

Parker Freeze Dry understands the need for control, safety and quality standards, along with the maximum nutrient preservation for vitamins and supplements. That’s why we offer the most reliable products backed by around-the-clock support – so you can do it all with fewer headaches and hassles.


Pedro Silva, Co-founder & COO, Milkify

“There's no question in my mind that the team at Parker truly cares about our success. They want to grow with us. They want to see us succeed, and they want to see us open new facilities and do a great job for our clients and customers.”


Do More with Less

More product volume

Fewer units to streamline operations 

Longer shelf life  Less maintenance 
Higher product quality  Fewer repairs and hassles 
More reliability  Less downtime
More opportunity to scale and grow Less product weight
More support and customer service  Lower shipping and transportation costs 



The Summit® utilizes our proprietary commercial-grade operating software – the same software used in our full-size Parker line. This provides recipe profile flexibility and exceptional feedback throughout the process, allowing you to unlock maximum quality, potential, and efficiency. Explore the image below to learn more about the Summit® Commercial Freeze Dryer or download the guide.

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We have a dedicated team of freeze dry experts ready to help you succeed. When you request a consultation, you are guaranteed to find the best solution for your operation.

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