About Parker Freeze Dry

In 1998, Bob Parker discovered a need in the marketplace for freeze dryers that could process a higher volume and also remain efficient. The testing began shortly after a prototype was designed in 1999. Many lessons were being learned regarding recipe development and the intricacies of the freeze drying throughout the process. In 2005, the team that would later become ProForm Fabrication became a valued member of Bob Parker’s supply chain as he worked towards the founding of Parker Freeze Dry as a company in 2006. Over the next decade, the teams would work together refining the manufacturing process on the chambers and pre delivery assembly. Bob Parker presented the ProForm Fabrication team the opportunity to acquire the assets of Parker Freeze Dry in early 2020. The transition occurred with minimal changes later that year. From that moment on, the combined team of previous Parker employees and current ProForm Fabrication employees continue to work to maintain themselves as a leader in the commercial freeze dry industry with unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience, constantly evaluating trends and opportunities for continuous improvement on an already proven concept.

Parker Cart