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At Parker Freeze Dry, our line of commercial freeze dryers can fit any need. Whether you’re scaling up from a countertop unit or looking to exponentially increase your pounds of product per batch, we can help you grow. From our Summit line with a maximum capacity of 97 lbs. per batch, to our industrial sized Parker units with up to 4000 lbs. per batch, you are sure to find the solution to take your operation to the next level. 

Our commercial freeze dryers are perfect for processing batches for many industries including, but not limited to: pharmaceuticals, pet food, CBD/hemp/cannabis, cosmetics, food processing and more. With our innovative equipment design and dedicated service, you can rely on Parker Freeze Dry to help take your freeze drying operation to the next level.


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Summit Freeze Dryer

Summit Freeze Dryer

The Summit freeze dryer is perfect for operators looking for commercial quality freeze drying equipment in a turnkey package. With a wet volume of 97 lbs utilizing a maximum of 15 individually heated trays, Summit users will experience consistent results.

Freeze Dryer Tray

Why Freeze Dry?

  • Creates a light, stable product with long shelf life
  • Physical structure of product remain unchanged
  • Refrigeration and preservatives are unnecessary
  • Volume remains without changes to pliability
  • Fast preparation reconstituting with water
  • Long-lasting preservation and spoilage protection

  • Freeze Drying Options for Every Industry

    Unleash the potential of freeze drying in various industries, from agriculture and bioengineering to nutraceuticals and pet food. Explore the applications for a commercial freeze dryer.

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    Our commercial freeze dryers range in batch sizes from 97 lbs to 4000 lbs, all with advanced vacuum systems, industry-leading controls and vapor condenser plates. Take your commercial operation to the next level by finding the perfect sized custom built unit for your specific needs.

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