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Parker Freeze Dry

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Rapid Fire

Our machines are versatile, easy to use and most importantly, affordable, all designed to preserve food and maintain the integrity of the original product.

3000 lb machine

2000 lb. capacity Freeze Dryer

When you choose Parker Freeze Dry you get a company that:

  • Has been in business for over 30 years
  • Understands what the customer wants
  • Uses Rapid Fire Technology
  • Is Versatile
  • Has Easy to Use Freeze Dry Machines
  • Affordable Freeze Dry Machines
  • 4 different size Freeze Dry Machines to choose from

Our Freeze Dryers have... Rapid Fire Technology!
Our rapid fire technology shoots out loads quickly and cost effectively

What others have said about Parker Freeze Dryers:

Adam Soltis - Sojourner Farms Production SupervisorAdam Soltis/Sojourner Farms Production Supervisor:
One thing that we like about the chambers is the fact that they are user friendly. In a productions industry, it’s important that all of your employees are able to run a piece of equipment without having to read a huge manual on it.

We’ve worked with Parker Freeze Dry for five years. We’ve been growing pretty rapidly and they’ve been supplying us with freeze dried chambers as our company is growing and we’re moving into a new facility, we’re upgrading to one of their larger chambers, which is going to increase our production and let us become more efficient.

Michael Moore/M Tool Electric:
The big thing in my experience is that the trouble-shooting and the technical work has been – you know – easy to do. The product performs well. It’s easy to work on.

Robin Olson/Glenn’s Markets & Catering:
I’ve know Bob Parker for about five years now, and he’s got a state of the art machine that works tremendously much better that the ones I worked with a few years back.

Glen Roberts - Owner - Glen's Market & CateringGlenn Roberts/Owner/Glenn’s Markets&Catering:
We’ve been running this freeze drier about 24/7 for at least the last 2 to 3 months and before that it was about 5 days a week and now we’ve been running it all weekends too. And we haven’t has any problems at all. It just keeps right on pumping it out.

We bought our own freeze drier back in September of last year – a year and half ago, so we’re about a year and a half in here. We had no idea what freeze driers did before we started that. Bob taught us a lot of stuff about how to do it and how to run it and we’ve been real happy with what we’ve got.

So the drier’s been just a wonderful thing. It’s made money for us. We’re even thinking about looking at our second one.

Joy of the North

StrawberriesJoy of the North uses Parker Freeze Dryers
You've probably heard of freeze drying or even used freeze dried products without knowing it. It's a quite common process to preserve food and produce easily re-hydrated food products for a variety of different uses. Anything from instant coffee and ready-made trekking meals to speciality and superfoods can be produced by freeze drying. Any time very long shelf life, minimal weight and ease of use is a priority, freeze drying is a viable option. It's also free of any additives and preservatives, which makes it an ideal way to preserve natural, organic and health food.

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