About Us

Quality, Dependability, Reliability

It’s been said, “If you have a Parker machine you are set.” In business for over 36 years, we’ve excelled in freeze dryer fabrication and serving the needs of clients. We’re so confident in our product, we have engineered freeze dry machines for our own purposes. From there, we’ve learned everything about what clients need in an industrial freeze dry system.

It all started in the small town of Green Bay, WI. Bob Parker and his wife Gina found time to develop a prototype and take it to market while raising 12 children. The prototype dryer took off, and a legendary family-owned-and-operated business was born.

American Made. One Customer at a Time. Period.

Parker Freeze Dry works with clients, from the R&D freeze dry phase through production. Every company has a unique process, but all require the best system for their needs at a minimal cost. Whether your company is a startup or a Fortune 100 company, or it is looking to replace an older freeze dryer, our team can focus on your exact needs.

Our motto is “One happy client at a time.” We never take on more than we can handle, and we concentrate on getting every last detail of a project right. Parker Freeze Dry is committed to helping clients save on many expenses, including getting the most out of their equipment. We offer classes to train your staff about freeze drying and how to use the equipment before it is even set up.

Quality Control: Our #1 Priority

Quality control is another trait that sets us apart. Stringent quality controls apply to every phase of a project, including shipping. Exceptional and reliable performance is, therefore, guaranteed, and dependable shipping can be expected anywhere in the continental U.S. and anywhere in the world via an international seaport. Our professionalism ensures our team can meet your needs under all circumstances.

Parker Freeze Dry has so much more to offer than its competitors that have never duplicated our ability to:

  • Design and manufacture freeze dry machines at our MN and WI facilities and ship directly to the customer.
  • Send reps to install and commission equipment, and train staff, while an account executive serves as a single point of contact.
  • Warranty machines for 12-months but maintain longer agreements if specified by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Provide customers with after-sales service long after purchase to ensure equipment is running reliably and efficiently.
  • Offer same-day shipping for machinery parts, regardless of whether the equipment is under warranty or not.


Trust Parker to Meet Your Freeze Drying Needs

From quality control to ensuring a customer’s equipment is always running at full capacity, Parker Freeze Dry is the one to trust. Dryers are sold and serviced for all kinds of uses, up to the most sensitive applications. Pharmaceutical freeze dryers and laboratory freeze dryers are built in capacities up to 672 shelves, 16 carts, and a usable shelf area of up to 2,184 square feet. Smaller units are available to meet more basic applications.

View our complete product line and see how Parker can customize each machine by capacity, temperature range, throughput, and much more.