Nutraceutical Applications

Freeze-Drying for the Nutraceutical Industry

Freeze-drying nutraceutical products is a cost-effective way to retain the maximum health benefits through preserving the naturally occurring active ingredients and compounds. Preserving nutraceuticals is one of the most popular industrial freeze dryer applications.

These medicinally active and nutrient-rich food products offer a wide array of benefits for health-conscious consumers. These same customers, however, want to be assured that their supplements and natural food products are free of contamination, have a consistent level of active ingredients, and are made without chemical preservatives, additives, or stabilizers.

Meeting the demands of these consumers means providing a product that meets these criteria. The demands of the bottom line require an equipment investment that is also cost effective and reliable, and Parker Freeze Dry has the solution.

What Benefits Does Freeze-Drying Nutraceutical Products Provide?

The benefits of industrial freeze dryer applications make good business sense, improving product quality and reducing costs by:
Eliminating the need for artificial ingredients
Making irregular or difficult to process foods into a powdered, consistent product
Preserving potency and prolonging shelf life while maintaining product quality
Decreasing weight to lower storage and shipping expenses

Nutraceuticals and Products Commonly Freeze Dried

Nutraceutical producers take advantage of industrial freeze dryer applications to naturally preserve:
Omega 3 fatty acids
Enzymes, proteins, and biologicals
Algae, seaweed, and wheatgrass
Tea, herbs, and medicinal plants like aloe vera
Seeds, beans, and vegetable sprouts
Other dietary and nutritional supplements and food products

Benefits of Freeze-Drying Nutraceutical Products for Your Customers

Not only does a freeze dryer for nutraceutical products make sense for production, it offers benefits to your customers and makes marketing easier. Benefits that your company might highlight in advertising include:

No need for refrigeration Retention of the nutritional benefits naturally present Portability and ease of storage Preservation by one of the most natural and effective technologies, which customers easily recognize and trust

Customizing an Industrial Freeze Dryer for Nutraceuticals

All freeze-drying commercial applications are unique. When freeze-drying nutraceutical products, companies need versatile equipment that is easy and intuitive to use. We offer standard-sized and custom-built commercial freeze dryers which will fit the needs of your process whether large or small.

Our more than 30 years of experience with commercial and production sized dryer applications allows us to work with you from the R&D phases of planning through to implementation and training. We can replace aging equipment with our rapid-fire technology and recommend the best settings for your freeze dryer and nutraceutical application.

Contact us to find out how Parker Freeze Dry machines blow away the competition with custom design, manufacture, and experienced commercial-level support and service. Your brand reputation and customer satisfaction are well worth the affordable investment in quality equipment.

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