Freeze-Dry Dairy Applications

Freeze-Dry Dairy Products

One of the most common and effective freeze-drying commercial applications is freeze-drying for the dairy industry. Freeze-drying was developed for the military during World War II and has become a standard process to increase the shelf-life of milk and dairy products worldwide. What makes freeze-drying so superior to standard dehydration or drying techniques when it comes to dairy products?

What Benefits Does Freeze-Drying Provide for Food Manufacturing?

The high temperatures used during standard drying or dehydration processes cause physical and chemical changes to the food. These changes affect the taste, quality, and nutrition of the finished product. Freeze-dry dairy has these clear advantages:
• Maintaining the nutritional quality, taste, and appearance of food
• Eliminating the need for refrigeration or chemical preservatives
• Allowing long-term storage without spoilage or loss of quality
• Accurate measurement and consistency of ingredients for recipe preparation
• Making key supplies cheaper and easier to transport
• Rehydration, if required, is faster than with dried goods

How Freeze-Drying Is Used in the Dairy Industry

There are a number of dairy freeze-drying applications which benefit from commercial freeze-drying dairy processes and equipment. We can provide the right custom equipment and layout to help your business produce the highest quality at the greatest cost efficiency. Just some of the many food products which utilize freeze-dry dairy include:
• Breakfast cereals
• Nutrition bars
• Flavored chips, popcorn, and snack foods
• Frozen pizzas
• Baking mixes
• Emergency food rations
• Military or camping packaged meals

What Benefits Does Freeze-Dry Dairy Offer Your Customers?

There are also situations where freeze-dried products are used directly by your customers. Restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and confectioneries all make use of freeze-dried dairy products, including:
• Milk
• Butter
• Yogurt
• Sour cream
• Cream cheese
• Hard and soft cheeses

Custom Design & Manufacturing of Your Freeze-Drying Equipment

Our custom designed equipment for dairy freeze-drying applications is built to streamline your processing and provide reliable service for years to come. We partner with large and small companies alike to create the ideal configuration of carts, throughputs, and temperature ranges for your application and unique workflow.

Our freeze-dry dairy machines are easy to use, affordable, and use rapid-fire technology for consistent and reliable results. We even offer simple instructions for your employees to get them up to speed on operation quickly and safely. There is no need to make do with old equipment or inconsistent quality. Contact us today and let us provide the right solution for your business.

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