«Of all the machines we reviewed, Parker Freeze Dry’s were the most efficient and provided the lowest operating cost per pound of product produced. They are easy to train staff how to operate and controls allow consistent process from one cycle to the next. The Refrigeration and Vacuum pump systems are sourced domestically and they have a great team to help troubleshoot and solve any issues that may come up. They are the perfect solution for anyone that wants to make a great freeze dry product at an affordable price.»

Ryan Minch, Owner Raw Advantage Processing

«One thing that we like about the chambers is the fact that they are user friendly. In a productions industry, it’s important that all of your employees are able to run a piece of equipment without having to read a huge manual on it. We’ve worked with Parker Freeze Dry for five years. We’ve been growing pretty rapidly and they’ve been supplying us with freeze dried chambers as our company is growing and we’re moving into a new facility, we’re upgrading to one of their larger chambers, which is going to increase our production and let us become more efficient.»

Adam Soltis Sojourner Farms Production Supervisor

«The big thing in my experience is that the trouble-shooting and the technical work has been – you know – easy to do. The product performs well. It’s easy to work on.»

Michael Moore M Tool Electric

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