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Rapid Fire

Our best selling machine, model Kuddo's 3000-9-378 has 378 trays and a median capacity of 3000 pounds. We also feature models with median capacities of 400, 1000, and 2000 pounds.

The 1.25 inch spread between our trays keeps the product level with the edge of the tray.

Products are finished faster because of a level tray. You can load a tray today and unload it tomorrow, an 18 hour turnaround. Our machines have greater throughput because of reduced drying time efficiencies.

Our driers, which are ISO-accreditation ready in the PLC, capable of gathering all the information necessary, were designed after considering the factors necessary for bulk food freeze-drying. Most of our customers use a set point of 95-105 degrees for freeze drying food, a set point they can use for just about every operation.

And there’s no need to worry about the triple point, Parker Freeze Driers navigate below the triple point.


Parker Freeze Dry PumpThe only maintenance you have to do is change the Vacuum pump filters and the oil in the pumps every 7-12 months

Parker Freeze Dry offers training to all of its customers on every aspect of the machine operation.

Freeze Dry pumpWe primarily service the food, nutraceuticals, and health food  industries but can freeze dry just about anything you can fit on our trays.


We offer 4 sizes of Freeze Dryers:
400 median lb. cap. / 2 carts / 50 trays
1000 median lb. cap.
/ 5 carts / 125 trays
2000 median lb. cap. / 6 carts / 252 trays
3000 median lb. cap. / 9 carts / 378 trays
1000lb Freeze Dryer 2000lb Freeze Dryer 2000lb carts
Auto Defrost
Our auto defrost feature can defrost plates to have you back up and running in  about an hour.
Defrost A Defrost B Defrost C

Coming soon Our best seller Kuddo's 3000 lb. capacity / 9 carts / 378 trays
Our new larger capacity freeze dryer! This dryer is more efficient and will save you time preparing your product in larger loads. For more details call us today.