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We are a family owned and operated business providing freeze drying equipment.  We've been in business for over 30 years, and have built a reputation we're proud of.  


BerriesIn 2012 we started looking for a production scale freeze drying machine, or a complete production line, that would enable us to use and scale up all the hard work we've done with product development. We contacted literally dozens of manufacturers and finally in spring 2013 we found a perfect solution: Parker Freeze Dry, Inc. and their Rapid Fire line of freeze dryers. They were exactly what we were looking for, highly scalable and completely adjustable machines that could do everything we had done with our laboratory machine, and even more. While the machines themselves are among the most efficient on the market, what really set them apart is the innovative product cart system. Having independent, closed containers that can easily be transported to a walk-in freezer for filling, to the machine for processing and from machine to packing room is genuinely fantastic. Not only does it prevent exposing the product to contaminants during the whole procedure, it makes complying with food safety regulations very easy, without the need of building dedicated tracks, conveyors or other permanent installations for the purpose.
-Henri Helanto - berries


"We have been doing business with Parker Freeze Dry for about two years. We have been very happy with the products and services that we have received from Bob Parker and his staff. He has been helpful and forthright with information, and has met all of our needs in a timely manner. I would reccommend him as a supplier to any of my associates."
--Ward Johnson
Owner, SojournerFarms

"We contracted Parker Freeze Dry to freeze dry our pet food product for us in '08, as demand for our product increased, we decided to go full force.  We purchased two dryers from Parker Freeze Dry in '09.  We have been very happy with both their service and the machines we bought from them. Parker Freeze Dry has been great to work with!"
--Greg Sheil
Bailey Farms, LLC
Marshall, WI