Pet Food Applications

Freeze-Drying for the Pet Food Industry

As pet owners demand more healthy, fresh, and natural food options for their furry family members, the pet food industry is recognizing the benefits of freeze-dried dog food. Freeze-drying offers a cost-effective way to maintain the nutrition, smell, and taste of the necessary high-quality and raw ingredients customers want to see.

What Benefits Does Freeze-Drying Provide for Pet Food Manufacturing?

There are a number of reasons to freeze-dry pet food, especially when using raw meat protein and fresh vegetable ingredients.

Here’s why freeze-dried pet food is so beneficial to the industry:
Safe handling and storage of raw food ingredients
Consistency of complex formulations
Protecting the high nutrient content of ingredients and products
Reduced shipping weight
Popular with customers who want high quality with easy storage
Building customer loyalty for the brand

What Benefits Does Freeze-Dry Pet Food Offer Your Customers?

Consumers are looking for the best possible nutrition for their pet, combined with convenience and reliable availability. Your company can meet those needs by highlighting these benefits of freeze-dried dog food:
High-quality nutritional value without chemical preservatives
Lightweight, low moisture, easy to store, especially compared to other natural or raw diets
Re-hydrates quickly and returns to its original texture, shape, and color
Readily accepted by pets due to flavor concentration and increased palatability

Freeze-Drying Solves These Issues

Product safety is a critical concern when it comes to pet food. When you utilize commercial freeze-drying equipment in processing, you protect and enhance your brand’s reputation and directly answer your customer’s concerns.

Some ways that freeze-drying solves industry issues include:
Preserving the nutritional value of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins
Preventing bacterial contamination, mold, and spoilage
Reducing or eliminating the use of cancer-causing preservatives or emulsifiers

Customizing Freeze-Drying Equipment for Commercial Applications

Parker Freeze Dry has been providing custom freeze-drying equipment for over 35 years, working directly with the industry from R&D phases to full production. There is no substitute for having the right equipment to freeze-dry pet food and ingredients during your manufacturing process.

We have never wavered from our dedication to partner with our customers. We will not only design the right equipment to meet your unique needs, we can help you improve your processes and even train staff on new equipment usage. Together we can bring the benefits of freeze-drying to your products and your customers. Contact us today to talk through the possibilities.

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