Parker 2 Freeze Dry Machine

Parker 2 Freeze Dry Machine

The Parker 2 Industrial Freeze Dry Machine
Selecting this industrial vacuum freeze dryer allows a median weight capacity (at 6 lbs. per tray), for 500 lbs. per load. It will offer a good return on investment, efficient and customizable operation, and the exceptional quality you expect from Parker Freeze Dry. The Parker 2 provides high-capacity throughput, is custom-built to your specifications and meets the needs of food production, pet food, and nutraceutical industries.

The Parker 2 Commercial Freeze Dry Machine Advantage
The Parker 2 industrial freeze dryer system solves your industry-specific problems with these key features:
• Our industrial drying equipment chambers are constructed of heavy-duty 304 beaded stainless steel, featuring glass view-ports for observation of the carts and vapor condenser during the freeze-drying cycle.
• Allen Bradley PLC Control System, HMI Screen includes graphic overview of freeze drying system. Automated cycles will increase or reduce heat to pre-set parameters. Automated cycles will increase or reduce heat to pre-set parameters.
• Complete user control of the large-capacity industrial freeze dry machine vacuum and refrigeration systems with remote access data review and service via Ethernet connection.
• Parker’s freeze-drying equipment utilizes electric heaters under each tray, with cooling heat exchangers for reducing plate temperature and defrosting of ice.
• All of Parker’s freeze dry machines come with a 12-month limited warranty.

Printable Brochure - Parker 2

Chamber - Over all dimensions - 136" x 55" x 71"
Number of Carts - 2
Number of Shelves - 84
Usable Shelf Area - 273 Sq Ft
Median weight capacity per load (at 6 lbs. per tray) – 500 lbs.
Shelf Dimensions - 26" x 18" x 1"
Shelf Spacing - 1.25"
Shelf Temperature - -50°F to 180°F

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